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Government NDA proposals: a good place to start ….By Protect Head of Policy Andrew Pepper-Parsons

5th March 2019

In response to the #Metoo movement and scandals like the Presidents Club the government are consulting on limiting the use of confidentiality clauses  – also known as non-disclosure agreements  in sexual and racial harassment cases.    The Government’s announcement to Parliament on Monday (March 4) made it clear that non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have their legitimate […]


Digital gangsters and privacy rights – is it all too late?

27th February 2019

You have more to worry about Facebook, Google and the like collecting your data than any information any government holds on you. That was the view of Mark Zaid, US Attorney who spoke at UCL’s conference on “Privacy and Data: Law and Practice” about the guardians of information in our “post-truth” world. He should know […]


Safeguarding & whistleblowing

26th February 2019

Protect’s Head of Policy Andrew Pepper-Parsons attended the OneEducation Safeguarding conference in Manchester on 8 February to deliver a whistleblowing workshop for those tasked with overseeing or running safeguarding procedures within schools.  Delegates were fairly expert on safeguarding and knew the appropriate way to handling a safeguarding issue raised with them, but my workshop emphasised […]


Law must bring better outcomes #whistleblowers. Culture change takes time - first step is accessible law w/ stronge… https://t.co/QGyhIxTRMy

06:03 PM Feb 25th

RT @ChtyCommission: We are urging charities to “listen and learn” when complaints are raised. We've published a review of complaints and r…

03:24 PM Feb 25th

RT @thatginamiller: Today is the relaunch of our True and Fair Campaign calling out financial fraud, scams & failings that've wrecked 100,0…

01:10 PM Feb 25th

Survivors of 'church related abuse' are being asked to come forward to ensure a #safeguarding review has been compl… https://t.co/fRXVpgvGBD

01:27 PM Feb 24th

@DEAcampaign @BorisJohnson @rogerwaters Boris Johnson: "it is obvious that the rights of journalists and whistleblo… https://t.co/ufj53picd5

11:41 AM Feb 24th