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We provide confidential advice for individuals who have witnessed wrongdoing in their work place but are unsure how to raise their concerns.
We provide training and consultation to organisations so whistleblowing arrangements protect staff, service users and customers as well as reputation.
We campaign for better legal protection for whistleblowers and stronger action from employers, regulators and government on public interest concerns.
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We aim to stop harm by encouraging safe whistleblowing

Protect- formerly Public Concern at Work -  are leading experts in whistleblowing. We have advised around 40,000 people on our free, confidential advice line, trained thousands of managers, senior managers and board members and currently support hundreds of organisations to strengthen their internal whistleblowing or ‘speak up’ arrangements. We were closely involved in setting the scope and detail of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 20 years ago.

We continue to campaign for further amendment and improvements to the whistleblowing framework in the UK.

What is whistleblowing?

Sometimes whistleblowing is called speaking up or raising a concern. It is all about ensuring that if someone sees something wrong in the workplace, they are able to raise this within their organisation, to a regulator, or wider. Whistleblowing ultimately protects customers, staff, beneficiaries, and the organisation itself by identifying harm before it’s too late.  See our case studies page for examples of what whistleblowing is.



Law & Policy


If you’ve seen, heard or suspect wrongdoing in your workplace, or know of a serious risk or accident ‘waiting to happen’- we can help.

Maybe you work in a bank or financial services and suspect fraud, or you have seen neglect or abuse in a care home. Perhaps you, or someone you know has told you about a serious public health risk to consumers.

Speaking up can help stop the problem before it gets any worse. It could even prevent the wrongdoing, risk or danger, happening in the first place. We advise people who want to alert either the employer, regulator or even the media about wrongdoing. For further examples of whistleblowing please see our case studies page.

There are different terms used to explain whistleblowing – speaking up, raising concerns, or whistleblowing – but all mean the very same thing. Some organisations prefer to use ‘speaking up’ instead of the word whistleblowing.

We cannot advise on private employment matters, such as pay disputes, holiday entitlement, bullying or discrimination issues which aren’t public interest matters. What we can do is offer advice and support if you’ve been victimised, dismissed or forced out of your job for raising whistleblowing concerns.

If you need advice please see our advice line page or call us on 020 3117 2520

As an employer, how can you give your staff confidence to speak up about wrongdoing?

Working with Protect means your organisation is leading the way in good whistleblowing arrangements. Protect offers your staff a real alternative to silence, by giving them the confidence to speak up to stop harm.

We support hundreds of thousands of workers from all sectors with our expertise through business support packages, training and consultancy.

Whether you are designing a whistleblowing policy and procedures or evaluating established arrangements, our Whistleblowing Benchmark – the first of its kind – offers your organisation practical steps, telling you what you should be doing, and when.

Find out more

Law & Policy

Protect has over 25 years experience of campaigning for better legal protection and better public policy towards whistleblowers (see our case study page for more information on whistleblowing) and the public interest concerns they are raising.

We do this in a variety of ways:

  • We lobby Government, MPs, regulators and other stakeholders on policy issues effecting whistleblowing;
  • We respond to consultations, inquires and propose amendments to legislation in Parliament on issues that are relevant to whistleblowing;
  • We carry out research into whistleblowing;
  • We promote public interest whistleblowing internationally.

Read more about our policy work here.


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Protect - our work

Protect – formerly Public Concern at Work – has produced a short-film highlighting the work it does supporting whistleblowers and organisations. Thank you to whistleblowers Helen Evans and Dr Chris Day for discussing their public interest whistleblowing.


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